Scince March 2016, protective clothing are no longer needed on the hills where I once stood.
About phrase "invisible" and "colorless and transparent" on radioactivity.
Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, are no color.
Only the radioactive materials are 'colored' rather.
Because we can measurement them physically.
So we can estimate the very small amount of cesium found off California as is derived from TEPCO's nuclear power plant.
You know radioactive carbon dating identify the object's approximate age.
But 'socially', radioactive material and radiation behave as like no color.
And radioactivity 'colors' other things.
We 'distinguish' various things by their color, but there is the history to let it for wrong 'discrimination'.
I want to study it in the past history before it becomes the history for the future.
I participated in a healthy investigation by Radiation Effects Res. Foundation in one day in September, 2016.
I participated in a healthy investigation by Radiation Effects Res. Foundation in one day in March, 2015.

Medical examinee has almost "the merit that medical examination for free" and "demerit to give personal information" and "time cost to go for examination". I had received explanation documents by mail beforehand and received detailed explanation once again orally , and signed written consent, underwent a medical examination. Probably there is considerably little quantity of my radiation exposure among people on convergence work in those days. Therefore I felt slightly sorry. However, I thought the number of the samples should be many including cases like me in such an investigation (to compare various cases in contrast). I decided to receive a merit.

In 2013, the requirement of wearing a full-face mask was lifted in the area at the power plant site around where the finger pointing worker stood.

The postcard which arrived from Tokyo Electric in one day in 2013. They notify workers who retired of various contact information now.
参照 福島第一原子力発電所における就労環境改善の取り組み(pdf)

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■ The misunderstanding included in the word "inhuman labor ." It doesn't mean "not a human," means "not a labor." The problem is the result kept away by the label called the radiation exposure. Nobody lose their humanity by radiation exposure.
■ Company. The people who handles hard work concerning the accident while protect their family. I respect them. The problem is the systems and customs of employment. The purpose is not to attack some people depending on this problem .
■ Problems in presence. Why peolpe at cash register can't sit down on a chair ? Many social issue is not hided behind conspiracy theories. They are in front of us. We can watch them on TV. The problem is letting ploblems as open secret.
■ Children. The work to abolish the furnace continues from now on for dozens of years. It is reality that the nuclear power generation and decontamination are continuing being ones of the choices of their work. Don't say "You must study hard, otherwise you must be like that." Children will become adults immediately and they will choose their way without permission, so educate our society so that they may choose what kind of way .



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  by me who cannot see the face

I correcterd some conclude writing style of unconfirmed information. I must apologize.

>As you know according by the reports from some media, there are some workers who have some compelling reason were arranged by the people in the outlaw territory.
I thought the story that I heard from my boss to be proof of the news, and I wrote "there are". Then I corrected it to "I hear"

>Even the case of the company recruiting through the Hello Work (Japanese government employment agency), the prime contractor don’t know some workers’ actual employer.
I have concluded "the prime contractor don't know" with hearing "Don't say anything about the company which really contracted" from the boss of the company which mediated work.
Then I put "I think " on the head of the sentence.

The matter that I asked Tepco's consulting service about corporate ethics for some investigations hardly got confirmation.
It was able to confirm only the matter that my sleep was rewritten. They said that they were going to thorough that another person did not rewrite a mention through the prime contractor company from now on.


Maybe it comes from the distance not to feel being pointed oneselves that there are some people who can just attack to the personallity while watching the press conference by Tepco or the government.

9/23 I sent my personal information and concrete investigation request to Parliamentary Secretary Sonoda and Tepco's consulting service about corporate ethics by emails.


9/9 I recieved a reply from Mr. Sonoda (Parliamentary Secretary). He said he saw this web site and would have a consultation about correspondence.



fukuichi live camera situation
↑the situation of Fukuichi live camera / the camera was fastened on the handrail of the step over the pipes.

On 30/8/2011 afternoon, at the press conference Tepco answered that it is difficult to determine the pointing person’s identity and there is no plan to investigate. Supposing it to be a fact, if it is announced formally that Tepco and the prime contractor never add any sanctions to the company which I belonged to, I open myself and the day’s my behavior and make the asterisks on this page clear.(I have already left a company.)

The main points of this page
- I did the action regardless of the company. So I want not to add any sanctions to it.
- I want the government and Tepco to address the labor issue seriously.
- The intention of pointing a finger toward camera was to point out about the labor issue and observation through the media.

It is me who pointed a finger toward the Fukuichi live camera.

■ First, let me explain why I make a statement here.
I feared the possibility that the determination of my identity caused my company a deal of trouble.
(I have already left a company.)
If Tepco or the prime contractor takes wrong interpret the action as the company’s misconduct and add some penalty, there is no excuse for it to my company and the boss and seniors and colleagues.
To make it open that there is no relation between my action and my company, I explain in expectation of some effect to prevent from the meaningless sanctions.
But if I make my identification clear without confirming the course of Tepco, that will merely make an excuse of sanctions. So I show my face on the picture as the same range as the video.

Maybe there is no necessary to make this page because if I don’t say anything more no one can know my identification.
However, I doubt the answer of Tepco and the government on the conference.
Tepco’s spokesman said that it’ difficult to determine the person’s identification and there was no plan to investigate, but I have expected that it is easy to cast doubt on me.
Because I went into the site of the plant and lent an APD(radiometer, dosimeter) with staggering the hours from the other standard workers, and return it soon after I did the action.
My unnatural stay time was recorded with the identification number.
On the conference Mr. Sonoda said that the government had a plan investigation. If that was one of the counterterror measures, it’s appropriate to think the determination had been done.
In that case, there is a possibility of sanction without some notification. So I want to say the sanction or the penarlty is meaningless before the confirmation on facts.

The action was done at my own discretion. There are no relations and responsibility to the company which I belonged to.
I had hidden my intention from everyone in the company so no one can know about my action.
No company can avoid the sudden deviation by a man applied for the job offer increased after the accident.
I have a favor to Tepco and the prime contractor. Please note those points and don’t add any sanction to the company which doesn’t have any relationship to my action. Entrust the business as before. Please take a soft line.

If it is expressed officially that no sanction or penalty will be done, I make my identification and the details of my behavior on that day.
I also make it clear when my identification has been determined.
If there is not any matters on labor environment or employment and security, and nobody don’t act like terrorism and can’t act so, maybe investigation is not necessary.

However I must apologize for the possibility of some trouble to the company which I was employed.
I’m terribly sorry.

■ Then I explain the sequence intention and of the action.
I went into the site of Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and point a finger toward the plant’s live-streaming camera on August 28, my holiday.
I had known about the camera and its rough position by the information on internet and the bulletin board in the significant seismic building.
I approached to the camera with APD and the mask and Tyvec’s protecting suit ,and point at it while watching myself by the live-streaming video on my mobile phone.
The subject I pointed toward was Tepco and the government, and people watching the video in live or after , and myself on the mobile phone.

■The intention of pointing toward Tepco, the goverment and the claim for them

I claim the concrete improvement of the state of working conditions, entrustment of businesses to subcontract companies, ascertainment of all workers’ employment situations.
As you know according by the reports from some media, there areI hear some workers who have some compelling reason were arranged by the people in the outlaw territory. And they work while hiding from the prime contractor that they are in unfair or harsh conditions.
I think even the case of the company recruiting through the Hello Work (Japanese government employment agency), the prime contractor don’t know some workers’ actual employer.
Too many subcontracts cause some problems of the workers’ low wages or not to join the insurances, no contract documents, as known by reports of media.

In addition, I show some of my experiences.
I had some days that I can’t asleep well in the daytime though I had works in late night because the working hours of our room’s members are inconsistent.
There is a rule that the workers have to declare the day’s conditions of their health by writing and submitting the paper.
I wrote 4 about the sleeping hours honesty, but a senior rewrite as 6 while I took my eyes off.
I think he judged that the existence of a person who can’t control his health is not good for our company.
And, I saw workers who have much extra jobs except the job which the prime contractor knows. They worked so hard for miscellaneous jobs ?for example, caring newcomers’ procedures? and they did their original jobs and drove a car in spite of a few hours sleeping.
Subcontract companies compete or appeal with overwork, then the prime contractor obtain high efficiency works with low cost.
But some small unreasonable things and harmful effects are not reported to above.
They could lead to serious accident in this emergency.

If someone indicates those problems on the conference, Tepco may just answer “we are going to investigate” or “we ask cooperative companies not to do so.”
And great information never will be reported.
Only the evidences not to damage to themselves will be reported to above for having been subcontracted.
Subcontract companies and dishonesty workers are not only responsible for such this situation but also prime contractor or Tepco.
Even if some workers or the companies were punished severely, this problem would not be solved.
Stern regulations don’t connect the safety measure.
This is the important thing we have to learn from the Train Crash on JR West Fukuchiyama Line(2005), I think.
Tepco has to release weaker people from the pressure that they have to hide their overworks.
This is hard to carry senses of mission on their back for many people, so we must not to impose the pressures of labor conditions or instability of employment.

I think we should cope with this problem as whole problem of employment system.
It is best that if Tepco employed all workers and companies.
If it is completely unable, I want Tepco to confirm the all workers’ contract situation on their documents completry (though I did not make written agreement), and to check if there are fair wages and insurances.
How about grasping if there are enough people on each posts or companies?
Orginally, outsourcing is not to waive the responsible of administration but to consign technical works.
I hear that the accident is barely saved from the worst crisis nevertheless being unpredictable.
In this case, it is important to avoid human errors from the halfway administration or caring workers.

And my action went through without someone’s check, it gave an example that there is many ways to pick something by someone who were not satisfied on the present state.
This won’t change anything if the security will become improved.
It is proper measure to improve the employment situation not to make workers unsatisfied.
I hope mass-medias to ask Tepco and the government these points.


■ The intention of pointing toward the people who watches the video

I wanted to make a opposite direction against the observation.
We still have put the workers on nuclear power plant as “an exceptional subject different from us” by changing the word from “lower workers” to “heros” or “working people”
I wanted to point it out.
I think we can't avoid this on watching something through a media.

■ the intention of pointing toward myself through the mobile phone

I also watch workers and this accident through the media, so I can't leaving out of this situation, I thought.
And this action content a self-sacrifice by narcissism, it should not acknowledge unconditionally in the social crisis.
Gloomy mind caused by watching TV show should be eliminated by political participation through elections.
My behavior of working only in a short period should be watched and criticized as a slacktivistic pattern.

■ The above is the explanation of the intention of pointing a finger, the effectiveness might be incomplete.
As indicated by some people, I simulated <<centers>> by Vito Acconci in the situation with internet and nuclear power plant.

However the unclearly action might contribute the growing impudent of the conspiracy theory and occultism.
It was unexpected that putting BGM like a horror movie in the TV programs and too many unrealistic opinions are commented on the internet.
In addition to my eerie action, that was caused by the present situation that information is limited and is difficult to have argument.
I want mass-media people to make program which is based on the covering the seismic building and workers cooperated by Tepco.
If they are hero, there are no necessary to use mosaic masking.
If it becomes usual, there won’t be so many comments about the pointing person hoping scoop or supernatural happenings, but many blames and abuse for making trouble to company as one of the working adult.
I hope such sound daily scene to come again.

■ I say again.

There is no relations between my action and the company I belonged to.
The company can’t know about my intention in advance so they don’t have any responsible.
I have a favor to Tepco and the prime contractor. Please note those points and don’t add any sanction to the company which doesn’t have any relationship to my action. Entrust the business as before. Please take a soft line.。

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